When you fire up your copy of Civilization: Beyond Earth once it releases next week, you'll be met with the cinematic you see above. Firaxis Games and 2K have released the intro, dubbed "The Chosen," to generate some hype for the 4X strategy affair.

Of course, the whole gist of Beyond Earth is that humanity has ruined their home planet and needs to settle on a new one. That means each global interest is going to push to another planet, set up a colony and aim to craft the whole of the new society in their image and mindset.

The core conflict in Civilization: Beyond Earth is not resource hogging or wonder building, it's fighting over your interstellar worldview. Do you aim to harmonize with the new planet, to preserve humanity as it once was or to take a supreme view and conquer the planet with power?

That isn't answered in the trailer, but it will be in how you play the game.

Civilization: Beyond Earth will launch for PC platforms on Oct. 24, 2014. We'll have our review for you before the game's release, so stay tuned.

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