Civilization - Beyond Earth - Master Control Screenshot

I've been playing Civilization: Beyond Earth over the last few weeks for review here on TechnoBuffalo, and as you may have read, I enjoyed the game a whole heck of a lot. The aesthetic, gameplay tweaks, interesting set up and addictive nature have kept me returning for more even after I filed that review.

But, if the collective critical praise found on the Internet wasn't enough to convince you that Beyond Earth is indeed a solid affair, 2K Games and Firaxis have launched a free demo on Steam.

The demo lets gamers take part in 100 turns, so you'll see all of the early game setup and scratch the surface of diplomacy and making aliens super mad at you. 100 turns has been the standard demo allotment in previous Civilization games, though I'd argue you won't get a really good feel until turn 200. That might just be me, though.

I'm all for demos when it comes to games. All games, in fact, should have them. Just because I loved Civilization: Beyond Earth doesn't necessarily mean you will. If you combine my opinion with your own based on the demo, that's a significantly more informed purchase.

So, potential Civ fans, get cracking!