When we took a look at Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth at E3, we were already intrigued. Now Firaxis Games is giving us a bit more to chew on with a release date, an inside look video, and the gameplay walkthrough, above, which we witnessed at E3.

Civilization: Beyond Earth hits the global market on Friday, October 24, 2014 for Windows PC. If you preorder the game, you'll get an Exoplanets map pack with six different maps that Firaxis says were inspired by real exoplanets.

The 'inside look' video gives a bit of background to the game – how the team is changing up the game, how they approached creating leaders, as well as hints at the future history that spurs the move into outer space.

If Civilization 5's most recent add-on has somehow already worn off for you, don't worry. It's only a few months until you get your next fix of "just one more turn."

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