Well, it looks like I’m going to dust off my digital copy of Civilization V this week in order to enjoy a new mod. Pagan Min and Far Cry 4‘s world of Kyrat have been added to the game by two modders, going by Vice Virtuoso and Kramer on Steam.

It appears you will need the Brave New World DLC for Civilization V in place in order to make use of this mod, but here’s what it includes exactly as it’s written on the Steam Workshop page.

Shangri-La: Receive a small boost of Gold for exploring Ancient Ruins. +1 Gold in the Capital City for each Artifact in the empire, and +4 Gold from unexcavated Antiquity Sites worked by a city.

Hunter: Replaces the Crossbowman. Slightly weaker than the unit it replaces, but moves through rough terrain as if it were flat, and is Invisible while in Forest or Jungle.

Royal Guard: Replaces Infantry. +1 Movement when it starts its turn in Friendly territory, and can excavate Antiquity Sites like an Archaeologist.


Pagan Min was a wonderful villain in Far Cry 4. Being able to play against him in a conquest for land, trade, relationships and diplomacy sounds awesome, if not a little terrifying.

I just hope he appears completely kind and rational right up until the moment the knife is in your back and your capital city is razed.