One of the major problems SimCity fans had with 2013’s troubled entry was the size of the cities themselves. Specifically, they were tiny. I myself have complained about this a bunch, citing that I could have a full city built in two hours, and then it becomes a game of micromanagement instead of macro design.

Cities XXL is out this week, and, as its name and this brand-new trailer imply, it promises city building on a massive scale. The clip shows us sweeping vistas, a whole lot of building diversity and some constant traffic flow.

Now, if that size will translate into actually fun gameplay remains to be seen. Early reviews suggest that the design of Cities XXL is problematic. We have a request in with the publisher for a review copy, so we’ll see if that comes through. If it does, we’ll be sure to produce our opinions on the game shortly.

There is, however, another city building and management game on the horizon that you might want to keep an eye out for. Cities: Skylines is set to release this year, though we’re not exactly sure when. It promises that epic scale, though its simulation engine seems to be even stronger than what we got in SimCity. Again, only time will tell.

I do love these games, though. They scratch a very specific itch, and I can never seem to get enough.