For city building sims, only one in recent years has been really, really good. No, not the SimCity reboot that disappointed fans a few years back. I’m talking about Cities: Skylines from Paradox Interactive.

That game, currently exclusive to PCs, is coming to the Xbox One this spring. Even further, it includes the After Dark expansion that brings nightlife development into the city planner that will suck away your life hours at a time.

The press release with the news links out to this surprisingly exciting trailer:

Say good bye to your free time

If you’re even remotely interested in the city sim genre, this game is one you should check out. It’s an entirely relaxing and enthralling experience, and I’ll be scooping it up for some couch play when it drops this spring. I didn’t even know that was a thing I wanted until now, but the idea of chilling out with Cities: Skylines on my TV sounds pretty awesome.

The first four images below come from the Xbox One release news, the rest are shots from the PC version, both PR-made and from play with the game.