While Cities: Skylines isn’t without a few launch issues (traffic, namely), its release sends a clear signal: gamers are hungry for city simulation games.

Publisher Paradox Interactive says Skylines set a new record for the company, selling a quarter million copies of the game in one day.

“We at Colossal Order are absolutely thrilled to see so many players enjoying Cities: Skylines and that the Steam Workshop is filling up with amazing content from the modders,” said Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of developer Colossal Order, in a press release from Paradox. “We are feeling very happy and proud and can’t wait to continue working on Cities: Skylines together with the community!”

Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester chimed in to thank the community and promise support:

We would like to offer our deepest and heartfelt thanks to the community for their passionate support and to let them know that we are committed to supporting this wonderful game for years to come, in the same way that we have for our Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis communities. We knew that we had a great game on our hands and so to be able to continue to provide fans of the game with a multitude of new content for it going forward is fantastic

Cities: Skylines is available now on platforms like Steam and GOG.com for $29.99, alongside a $39.99 deluxe edition that adds on five historical monuments.