Square Enix has done great work for the fans of one of its most classic masterpieces … Chrono Trigger is officially heading to both the iOS and Android mobile platforms. This is part of the company's "Square Enix Market" push to get into both the Android and iOS marketplaces more intensely.

Chrono Trigger is one of the most beloved Super Nintendo experiences of all time. Certainly, there are smartphone owners among the TechnoBuffalo crowd that can't wait to add a proper port of the game to their device. But what of the gaming curmudgeons out there? I'm looking, specifically, at our own Mike Perlman.

Man, I hope he's reading this.

He's not alone, of course, I find my self trepidatiously excited for the touch-based release of Chrono Trigger. On one hand, like I said, this is one of the greatest masterworks in gaming history. However, on the other, Square Enix is asking gamers like Mike and me to try and wrap our brains around virtual joysticks for control.

Oye, if I have one single problem with phone-based gaming, it's the absence of tactile control. In fact, I'll say that's the main reason I can't game on my device for more than a short burst of time. And Chrono Trigger? Well, that ain't exactly a quick session of Angry Birds, is it.

Mike, unlike last time's debate, I may actually be with you in wishing for the retention of classic controls with this Chrono Trigger port.

If you're a smartphone gamer and you've never played this game, step up and snag it. You're in for an experience.

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