Takashi Tokita, the Square Enix designer behind the classic Chrono Trigger and cult-classic Live a Live, is apparently working on a project for the Nintendo Switch. Over the weekend, Tokita tweeted out an image of the console and proclamation that roughly translates into "Top-Secret Mission Begins!"

Port, remake, or new game? Let's get speculating!

If the director of Chrono Trigger has been asked to work with the Switch, it can mean one of three things: a brand new game, a port of the Super Nintendo classic, or the remake that the fans have been asking for as long as I can remember.

Given the most recent announcement from Square Enix, that being the Seiken Densetsu Collection, it's possible that he's been tasked with a simple port of the original game. Right now, Square Enix possibly sees the machine as a portable retro device, and it wants to get Chrono Trigger on there as speedily as possible. Tokita has also helmed games like the Final Fantasy IV sequels, ports, and remakes, Parasite Eve, and other Square Enix smartphone games.

However, the universally adored legacy of Chrono Trigger and its interwoven history with Nintendo hints that this will most likely be a definitive port. Square Enix's Nintendo DS port of the classic also scored universal praise back in 2008.

An original game might be in the works, too, but Square Enix needs to commit to more original games for the console before that becomes the defacto guess. A Chrono Trigger remake is probably not the answer either, given how tied up Square Enix currently is with Final Fantasy VII Remake. I bet the company would rather see how that pans out before committing to any other high-profile remakes.

We'll let you know what this "top-secret mission" is as soon as well know.