Chromecast - Size-Comparison

Do you own a Chromecast? Pretty sweet gadget, isn’t it? Well now it’s about to get just a hair sweeter, because Google is offering a free $6 credit to the Google Play Store for Valentines day. All you need to do is own a Chromecast and head to the company’s Chromecast Offers website (link in the source).

You’ll have to agree to share your Chromecast Device ID to take part in these special promotional offers, but after that, simply select your Chromecast that’s on your home Wi-Fi network and you’re good to roll. Once you’ve connected, you’ll see the available promotional offers, including the new $6 credit that’s available for Valentine’s Day.

Google says you can “enjoy a Valentine’s Day rental” with the credit, suggesting it’s only for movies, but you can technically use the dough for anything in the Google Play Store.

Thanks Google!

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