During Google’s Nexus event last week, the company introduced a new Chromecast and new software that will help users find new content to stream. The company first launched an Android application, and now a corresponding iOS app is also available from iTunes.

The update, technically version 1.12.5998, brings several new features. Users can now browse through “What’s On,” which shows you content across various services such as Netflix, Google Play Movies and any other apps you might have installed on your iPhone that support casting.

Additionally, you can manage your devices, which is important if you have multiple Chromecast units or Chromecast Audio hooked up in your house. There’s also a “Find Apps” section that recommends applications that support the Chromecast, and which Google thinks you might be interested in. Finally, a new search option allows you to search for specific content.

The updated app is available through iTunes now, and you can hit the source link below to grab it.