Google-Chromecast With USB

Chromecast already works with the Hulu Plus app on Android phones and tablets as well as iPads, and now the streaming dongle can also sync with your iPhone. Hulu announced the news today in a blog post, celebrating the fact that it now offers full Chromecast coverage for all iOS and Android devices.

Google launched the Chromecast back in July, and while the $35 device received generally positive reviews many said it suffered from a lack of supported apps. The problem was only made worse when the company blocked a third-party hack that opened up its streaming capability. So the addition of Hulu Plus support earlier this month was a good step forward, and now iPhone users can finally get in on the action.

Along with Hulu Plus, Chromecast currently supports Netflix, Google Play and YouTube, allowing you to stream any content from those services onto your TV. You can also display a Chrome browser on your computer using the device, and Google is reportedly working on setting up support for HBO Go in the near future.