Google made a new Chromecast, and almost no one knows about. That’s because the third-generation model wasn’t mentioned during the Pixel 3 event. Instead, most of the time was spent on Google’s new flagship phone, the Pixel Slate, and the Home Hub. But we’re here to pass along details on the latest Cast-enabled accessory.

At its core, everything remains the same. Google doesn’t include a physical remote because your phone or tablet manages its media player. The Chromecast (2018) does, however, look slightly different. It has a matte finish and ‘G’ logo stamped in the center.

The specifications are mostly the same, too. It connects to a Wi-Fi network and mirrors content from a mobile device on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. While the video resolution goes to 1080p, Google unlocked 60 frames per second. No, it’s not 4K. If that’s what you’re looking for, get the Chromecast Ultra for $69 or a different streaming device.

Music streaming has been enhanced, letting users play music that’s live on other connected devices. As long as what you’re working with is Cast-enabled, multi-room support should be possible. Just be patient as that feature isn’t open to the public until later this year.

Check out the Chromecast (2018) here:

For colors, your choices are Charcoal and Chalk. Both have been around in the past and exist on Google’s other products. Neither is likely to be seen, anyway. Once it’s connected, a Chromecast gets hidden behind the television because of its small design and short HDMI cord.

Even though there are some additional features, Google’s keeping its darling of a dongle at $35. It’s already available through the Google Store and ships immediately.