Google just announced the Chromecast 2, its second-generation streaming device. It has a totally different design with a circular shape, and it comes in black, yellow and red. However, it still uses HDMI to connect to your TV.

Under the hood, Google’s included support for 5GHz W-Fi. It also sports a new antenna system for better performance.

Alongside the new device, Google also revealed a new Chromecast app. You can search across multiple live streaming apps with a quick voice command. There’s even a What’s On tab with suggested content.

Google is putting an emphasis on gaming too. You can cast a mobile game to your TV from iOS or Android and play it on the TV. It even supports multi-player mode where each person uses their own phone as an individual controller.

Google announced that Showtime, NBA, NHL, and Sling TV are all adding support for Chromecast as well. There are some new wallpaper options too, including images from Getty along with your own Facebook and Flickr accounts.

The new Chromecast is available today for $35.