Lets take a look at the chart for this month and see how it stacks up against the previous. All measurements are according to NetMarketshare.

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Safari logoIt was just last month that Google Chrome busted through the 12% market share window with a healthy .58% gain for May.  Now the June numbers show that it continued this trend and gained another .59%, pushing it over the 13% barrier.  The concept that it will hit 15% by the end of the year is looking more and more assured.

Internet Explorer had a slightly better month only losing .59% of its market share compared to the .84% tumble it took in May.  However, the all important 50% of the market mark is quickly approaching speeding towards Microsoft.

Firefox fell .04% after a couple months of gains, but the number is so small that it shouldn’t be taken as a sign of a major issue.

Opera had its biggest loss last month since I started keeping track when it fell .13% to 2.01% of the market.  Not to be outdone, it took a .30% hit, falling to 1.73%, the first time I have seen it below 2%.  I’m not sure what’s happening with this browser, but it isn’t good.

Apple’s Safari growth continues with a .20% gain this month, continuing its streak of slowly climbing the charts.  It may not have Chrome like jumps, but it is definitely consistent.

What do you think?  Did you change your primary browser in June?