Lets take a look at the chart for this month and see how it stacks up against the previous. All measurements are according to NetMarketshare.

[table id=12 /]

Google Chrome busted through the 12% market share window with a health .58% gain for the month.  It looks like Chrome is definitely back on track for another huge year of gains, could we see over 15% by the end of the year?

Safari logoInternet Explorer had a rough month even by its own standards, falling .84%.  That 50% market share is quickly approaching if Microsoft doesn’t do something soon.

Firfox gained again this month, but not by the percents you would expect in light of Firefox 4 being out for some time now.

Opera had its biggest loss since I started keeping track, falling .13% to 2.01% of the market.  You have to give them credit for sticking in there.

Apple’s Safari growth slowed this month to .13%, but its been the most reliable browser for as long as I can remember when it comes to growth.  It may be by inches, but every single month its numbers continue to rise.

What do you think?  Did you change your primary browser in May?