Fresh evidence of Google Now’s impending arrival on Chrome has popped up, with new code appearing in the latest version of Chromium for Windows. Discovered by developer Fracois Beaufort, the code points to a neat notification center that could possibly transition over to Google’s Chrome. If it does, it could very well pave the way for Google Now right in your browser.

Early last month, similar developments showed up in Chromium, suggesting some skeleton code was being implemented. Judging by the latest findings, progress is quickly being made—by this rate, we might see a final working product toward the end of February. I’m hoping!

If you have Windows, and you want to see the notifications for yourself, you can download Chromium and toggle “Enable Rich Notifications.” If Google Now does make the jump onto our desktops, it’ll be very interesting to see how it interacts with people, and also how it syncs to mobile devices.