Google is rolling out a pretty neat new feature for the Chrome app on Android. “Touch to Search” was spotted on Wednesday night, and it’s a really useful tool for Chrome users.

Once it hits your phone, you’ll be able to highlight a word in Chrome and immediately see the results for its Google Search pop up. The design is pretty similar to Google Now on Tap, with the information sliding in from the bottom of the screen. Touch to Search is limited to Chrome, at least for now, but it’s still a nice taste of what’s coming later this year from Now on Tap.

Google actually lists the new feature as part of an update for Chrome it pushed out this week to the Play Store, though it has apparently been available through the Chrome beta for a few months now. The company also says it added Faster Checkout, which should make Google Wallet work better, along with some general bug fixes.

We were able to get it working on an LG G4, but it didn’t work on our ZenFone 2. That suggests that support is somewhat limited, but we expect a larger rollout soon.