There’s a lot to love about Google Chrome, but for MacBook fans there’s also a lot to hate. The browser can be buggy, and it’s also a notorious battery hog. Now a new study from BatteryBox reveals just how bad the problem is.

We’ve covered BatteryBox before. The company sells a super smart portable MacBook battery that’s always getting smarter thanks to its in-house BatteryOS software. Recently, BatteryBox decided to use its network of batteries to test the difference between Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and the results look pretty bad for Google.

Overall, using Safari over Chrome will net you a full hour of extra battery life on your MacBook. Safari offers about 6.5 hours of life on average, followed by about 5.5 hours for Firefox and just over 5 hours on Chrome.

The study also reveals which websites use up the most battery life. For example, if you’re checking email, YahooMail uses up the least power, while Gmail uses the most. However, Google Search is better for your MacBook battery compared to Microsoft’s Bing and DuckDuckGo.

When it comes to killing time, Reddit does less damage to your battery life, at least compared to BuzzFeed or Imgur. As for social media, Instagram’s simple website consumes the least amount of power, followed by Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and finally Facebook, which turns out to be the worst offender.

Check out the full study, which offers even more information on how to keep your MacBook battery going for as long as possible, via the source link below.