chrome 31 beta copy

With Chrome 30 officially released just a few days ago, Google began to rollout the first Chrome 31 beta today for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices, announcing the news on its official Chromium blog. Chrome 31 brings a number of new features, including easier online payment support and a smoother Android app experience.

The updated browser introduces app shortcuts for Chrome on Android, allowing users to save specific websites right to their home screen. Developers can also add a special tag to their websites so that when the site launches straight from your Android home screen it opens in an app-like Chrome window with no display tabs, buttons, menus or Omnibox—that's what Google calls the unified search and URL bar.

Web developers can also take advantage of Chrome's new requestAutocomplete() code, which makes it easier than ever to make mobile payments from any website using Chrome 31's stored autocomplete information. There's also improved Chrome APIs and easier P2P data transfer between browsers. Head to the source link below for a full changelog.