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Harrison Ford’s days as Indiana Jones may be over. According to sources speaking to Deadline, Disney is looking to reboot the franchise and, get this, executives wants Chris Pratt as the lead.

With a Star Wars revival on the horizon, Disney is internally exploring how it can bring the famous archaeologist back to the big screen. Let’s be honest: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, while fun-ish, was a pretty major disappointment when put into context next to the original trilogy. Ford is getting up there in age—he’s 72—so he’s not exactly fit to take on the adventure role any longer.

Deadline says talks are in the very early stages, but Disney definitely has a solid lead in its sights. Pratt has proven himself as a marketable lead; he has the charm for humor and youth for action, and he absolutely killed it as the lead in Guardians of the Galaxy. In other words, he’s perfect to carry on the Indiana Jones mantle.

Things are early, and Disney is expectedly tight-lipped. We’ll treat this as a very shaky rumor for now. But one that we are definitely rooting for. The original Indiana Jones trilogy is legendary in Hollywood, and it seems like Disney is being smart about how it approaches a potential reboot. I’m ready, but it’ll likely be awhile before any concrete information is revealed.