Thor star Chris Hemsworth is reportedly in early talks with Sony to lead its reboot of the Men In Black franchise. Nothing has been agreed to as of yet, but the news revealed Sony’s front-running man to lead one of its most successful movie franchises.

Previously, the Men In Black movies were led by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The most recent iteration, MIB 3, was released in 2012 and raked in an impressive box office take, but more sequels never developed. After living in purgatory for many years, Sony announced last year it was rebooting the franchise and The Fate of the Furious director F. Gary Gray was the frontrunner to direct the project.

Now, Sony has turned its attention to nabbing a leading actor, and Chris Hemsworth fits the bill perfectly. He shot to fame starring as the muscular Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. His most recent turn as the Norse god in Thor: Ragnarok saw him show off more of his comedic chops. Given how the previous Men In Black movies utilized Will Smith’s comedic side, it stands to reason Chris Hemsworth will get to show off more of his comedy skills in the new movie.

The Hollywood Reporter claims the reboot will be more of a soft reboot, much like how Jurassic World rebooted Jurassic Park. Instead of focusing on Agent J and K, the reboot will follow three new characters: a white male, a female of color and an older man. Hemsworth will take up the role of white male.

Sony has scheduled the rebooted Men In Black to arrive in theaters June 14, 2019.