Ever since suiting up as Captain America, Chris Evans has been adamant that his time as the First Avenger would be short. He signed up for six movies, and never at any point has he indicated he’ll be back for more. In fact, he has recently been voicing his desire to do other projects, especially directing, which is something he’s interested in doing more of. So today’s news comes as a bit of a surprise: According to Collider, the actor says he’s willing to stay on for as long as Marvel wants him.

“If Marvel wants me, they got me,” Evans said. “I’ve never had such a relationship where you have such—I mean look at my resume, I’m used to being on set being like, ‘Ah, is this movie gonna be terrible?’ Marvel just can’t stop making great movies, they do it in their sleep.”

The standalone Captain America movies, particularly The Winter Soldier, have been among the best Marvel films in the cinematic universe, though it’s unclear how the character will be used in the future. Because Evans is signed on for six movies, his next appearance will likely be in Infinity War. However, we’re not sure if he’ll be in both parts.

There’s always the possibility that Evans can sign an extension, or even add a movie to his current contract. Remember, Robert Downy, Jr. did the same thing for Civil War, so it wouldn’t be unprecedented. The only thing about Evans’ involvement is how Marvel wants to utilize the character in the future. In the comic universe, Bucky Barnes eventually takes over as Captain America, something that could very well happen.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters on May 6, 2016.