When I purchased my iPad 2, I also opted to pick up one of Apple's Smart Covers for the tablet. A few months down the road, what once was a pristine pink cover is now a dingy mess, and looking at the back of my iPad you can definitely tell that I often throw it in my purse and sit it down places that maybe I shouldn't.

There are definitely a ton of options out there when it comes to iPad cases, but most require you commit to either protecting the front of the tablet or the back, with very few managing to keep the entire tablet protected. So, when Choiix offered me a review unit of its Wake Up Folio, a case that covers the entire iPad, I was a bit intrigued.

Design The Wake Up Folio is a hard case for the back of your iPad that is blended together with a front cover that resembles Apple's Smart Cover. The back case snaps on much like other hard plastic case options, and the front of the case is connected, so that is easily flips over to protect the front of your iPad.

Much like the Smart Cover, the Wake Up Folio has built-in magnets which ensure the case doesn't accidentally open, and opening and closing the front of the case activates the wake/sleep function on your tablet. The case also has holes built-in for all the important ports, so you can still charge your tablet, listen to tunes, and control the volume without having to move anything.

The inside of the front of the case is lined with microfiber to gently wipe your screen while its closed, and the front of the case can be folded to be used as a stand, much like you might with a Smart Cover.

Execution I admit, when I first started using the Wake Up Folio I thought I was going to hate it. I'm not typically a huge fan of any case that weighs down my devices, and the Folio (while pretty slim) does give my iPad a bit larger look.

After a few weeks of use, however, I'm not sure I'll ever take the case off. The Folio makes the iPad seem more like a book than a tablet, and super protected. The version I have has a textured back which also helps when placing it on surfaces to keep it from sliding around, a feature I didn't realize I needed until I had it.

Overall If you're someone who throws their iPad in a bookbag or purse while you're out and about, then the Choiix Wake Up Folio is an excellent case choice. The case keeps your tablet protected from all side from scratches and general damage without weighing it down.