There are plenty of places where you can use Apple Pay, unless what you're craving is a quick burrito. Chipotle and Taco Bell both offer their own mobile apps, but it looks like at least one will team up with Apple before the end of the year.

Back in Oct. when Apple Pay first launched, Chipotle said it was considering adding support for the mobile payment system in 2015. Now, the company is apparently "very interested" after returning from a recent investment conference, according to Nations Restaurant News editor Jonathan Maze.

It's interesting to hear that Chipotle sees such a small fraction of orders come in through smartphones, especially since the company's app for Android and iOS is marketed as a way to skip those crazy long lines. Then again, customers might feel more comfortable paying through the app if it's backed by Apple. Adding NFC terminals for regular orders could also be nice, though Chipotle previously said it would mean reworking the way its specialized system works.