Man, talk about a rough day for this Maryland-based lawyer. Poor Hank Levine was just going about his day, probably preparing for a case in his mahogany and leather-bound-book-filled den, when his phone started going bonkers with texts that said “raincheck.”

Then, and this is how I picture it, Levine puts on his bifocals and looks down at his phone as the texts continue to pile in. What the heck? He wonders as his phone continues to buzz. Turns out poor Levine’s number was close to slippery-fingered Chipotle addicts trying to score a free burrito after the restaurant chain shut down temporarily earlier this week. Chipotle asked folks to text “888-222” with the message “raincheck” to score the free burrito. Apparently some folks, local in Maryland, were texting 240-888-2222 instead.

chipotle 2

Some people weren’t nice when they learned they hadn’t reached Chipotle but, rather, a random dude. “Where’s my free burrito b****?” one hungry Chipotle customer wrote. check out the proof below:

According to Tech Insider, Levine went to a local Chipotle to ask for help but they couldn’t do much. Our recommendation? Turn off your phone or turn your phone on for priority calls only, which will force it to alert you only when pre-approved people call.