Just because you’re a geek, it doesn’t mean you don’t like to look sharp. We get that, so here’s something that could help rock your penchant for hardware along with that style — a chip-inspired comb to boot you into manscaping mode.

(Not that women couldn’t get in on the action too, but hey — we have our laptop mirror compacts, so we’ll let you have this one.)


In all seriousness, the “personal grooming for geeks” category is getting a little wonky, no? We saw this one and hoped that maybe there was real science behind it — like some crazy innovation that could store the static electricity and use it to augment mobile battery life. Now that’s interesting. Last fall, scientists made some breakthroughs in making static electricity a feasible alternative energy source using flexible materials. Of course, we’re not exactly sure how much combing would be necessary. After all, you wouldn’t want to process away every hair on that head, would you?

Well, until science cracks the geek-powered comb, we’ll have to console ourselves with the geek-inspired one. If you’re interested in this hair styling accessory — whether to slay that coiff or build the world’s biggest fake motherboard — you can check out the Information Chip Comb at the ThumbsUp! UK source link.

What’s the coolest (or kookiest) geek-themed product you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments.