iphone5mod_lightning_cableA Chinese company has reportedly obtained a stash of cracked chips, meaning it can begin producing third-party Lightning accessories. MacRumors spoke to iPhone5mod, who claims the black market chips easily bypass Apple's authentication function and work as though it were the real thing.

A previous report suggested that third-party iPhone 5 accessories wouldn't show up until November at the earliest due to Apple's new Made For iPad/iPhone/iPod policies. But since the authentication has been bypassed, manufacturers won't have to cater to Apple's schedule and can begin releasing accessories much sooner.

The one you see above is actually using an authentic Lightning chip from Apple's supplier, but iPhone5mod assured MacRumors that cracked chips do indeed exist. If so, it'll only be a matter of time before we start seeing the market flooded with third-party accessories — in this case, a light-up cable and dock that costs $40.

If you are comfortable sticking a Lightning connection in your brand new iPhone 5 with a cracked chip, then it sounds like it'll be a good, accessory-filled holiday season.

[via MacRumors]