We still don’t know if China Mobile, the country’s biggest carrier, will offer the iPhone 5s and 5c, but second-place network China Unicom is quickly racking up pre-orders despite offering a smaller subsidy this year than it did for the iPhone 5. Bloomberg reports that Chinese consumers have reserved 100,000 new iPhones from the carrier in the past week.

China Unicom hasn’t revealed the details of its pricing plans for Apple’s new smartphones yet, though industry analysts expect the carrier to lower its subsidy on the latest iPhones by about 15 percent. Hong Kong analyst Eva Yip told Bloomberg, “the plan is more conservative this time,” suggesting that monthly payments will also decrease in response as carriers take a less aggressive approach.

China Telecom, a smaller Chinese carrier, has already revealed its pricing for the iPhone 5s, which will cost 5,288 yuan ($864) on-contract compared to 4,488 yuan ($733) for the iPhone 5. Apple’s new flagship smartphone offers the same design as the current model, but includes an improved camera, fingerprint scanner, two new processors, and new color choices.