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China Labor Watch has leveled a number of accusations against Samsung supplier HTNS Shenzhen, Bloomberg reported on Friday, including violations of underage workers and forcing employees to work unreasonable overtime hours. But that's not all. Workers are reportedly being subjected to squalid factory conditions, with poor air quality a particular concern. The news comes after Samsung claimed an internal audit turned up nothing of significance, including no evidence of underage workers.

On top of poor working conditions, there are allegedly no contingency plans should anyone get injured on the job—no fire extinguishers were discovered in the 1,100-person facility. And that's just the half of it. Needless fines are being doled out to workers for negligible infractions: taking "too much" rice without finishing, leaving dorm lights on, etc.

Some of the smaller problems noted by CLW were initially acknowledged by Samsung, such as the overtime hours; the company has promised things will improve. But the bigger allegations—child labor, terrible working conditions—are something Samsung will need to address, fast. The company is currently one of the hottest names in the world—forget the tech industry—meaning a lot of criticism will likely be aimed at Galaxy S III-maker. That's exactly what happened to Apple.