Remember just last week when we reported that more than 100,000 customers had already pre-ordered the iPhone 5 from wireless carrier China Unicom? Let's give bump that number up a bit. In fact, let's triple it. According to the company's Weibo page, it received more than 300,000 iPhone 5 pre-orders in a single week.
The male population is particularly attracted to the phone. According to Macworld, 74-percent of all reservations were placed by men while just 26% were ordered by women. Younger people are more attracted to the device, according to data from early reservations, too. Apparently 52% of all pre-orders were placed by those who are between 20 years and 30 years of age, while just 34% were placed by those in the age group above (30 years to 40 years).

The iPhone 5 launch is particularly important in China as Apple continues to try to grab a foothold on the market. It recently fell out of fifth place in terms of overall smartphone market share. Can it regain its grip?