China's Baidu, the country's search engine equivalent to Google, is allegedly making its own version of Glass. Why let Google's resplendent X Lab, which managed to develop a driverless car, do the work when you can do it yourself? Baidu Eye will be similar to Google Glass in that it'll be controlled through voice and sport a tiny LCD display. But what does it look like? That I'd love to see.

Baidu has built a reputation for knocking off everything under the sun, so I guess this is no surprise. Or, at least, not all that unexpected. "Baidu Eye wearers will be able to make phone calls, search the Web, and use gestures to take and send photos," according to reports coming from China. And, in case you're interested, it'll be open to developers.

The device itself will allegedly get up to 12 hours of battery life thanks to technology from Qualcomm, though Qualcomm said it didn't "have any information" about such claims. No other information about Baidu Eye was shared, like a projected release or price. But if Google Glass doesn't excite you, perhaps the Chinese knockoff will.