Last spring there was a big rumor floating around that suggested China had major issues with Apple products and banned them for government use. The ban ended up being bogus, though China did actually fear that Apple's products weren't secure enough and could be used to spy on the government. A new report suggests Apple may be catering to those concerns.

According to The Beijing News, China sent the director of its State Internet Information Office to meet with Tim Cook in Cupertino, where Cook has apparently agreed to allow China to inspect its products for security concerns.

Cook promised that Apple hasn't and wouldn't provide back doors into its OS X and iOS products for third-parties. The Beijing News said this may be the first time Apple will ever allow Chinese officials to inspect its products for security.

China is one of Apple's fastest growing markets, so it's clear why Apple wants to make sure officials are comfortable with its products. The report didn't say when the audit might take place.