China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently published a paper discussing the increasing popularity of Google's Android operating system within the country. In short, China's worried that its mobile industry is too devoted to using Android instead of alternative systems. We're not surprised, especially considering that Android has an astonishing 90 percent smartphone market share in China.

"Our country's mobile operating system research and development is too dependent on Android," the report said, as translated by Reuters. "While the Android system is open source, the core technology and technology roadmap is strictly controlled by Google."

Two of China's major handset manufacturers, ZTE and Huawei, sell Android-based devices, both within the country and around the world, and are becoming major players in the smartphone space. China thinks that its homegrown firms aren't getting the latest software from Google fast enough and is worried that Google will ultimately have the upper hand in controlling the advancement of phones built in the country.

We wonder if the concern will help give Apple a boost in its negotiations with China Mobile.