We have another impressive Kickstarter campaign in the bag this week! Following the success of Strafe, Dead Mage’s gorgeously pixelated Children of Morta has also pulled off a huge success by collecting an impressive $108,938 in total.

The team originally had only requested $65,000.

Thanks to its stretch goals, Children of Morta will not only be receiving the promised PC release but also a confirmed port for the Wii U, PlayStation 4, and the oh-so-sweet PS Vita, right where it belongs. Dead Mage also promised an Xbox One port if its campaign reached $110,000, but it came up just $1,000 short. My guess is that the team will pull in enough through Paypal funding to secure that as well.

We’ve seen a lot of high-profile flop stories from Kickstarter as of late like Godus and The Stomping Land, but I have faith in both Strafe and Children of Morta succeeding in delivering solid gaming experiences. The teams already have their vision in place, their games far into development, and it seems like they just need the funding to push it over the final hump, just like any good Kickstarter campaign.

Still waiting on Starr Mazer now, which has just over a day  to wrap up its campaign. It has already succeeded at securing its funding, but as always, I want that PS Vita port which sits at $230,000 in the stretch goals. I think that’s genuinely going to be a stretch at this point.

Keep on trucking, Kickstarter. Negative stories and Debbie Downers can’t keep my enthusiasm at bay.