Leave it t fast-food chain Chick-fil-A to teach us how to eat without technology in our faces.

The restaurant is running a new challenge to customers that can net you some free food. All you have to do is put your phone away in a box while you sit down and chow down on some waffle fries and a spicy chicken sandwich. Sounds easy, right? Try getting your kids to agree.

The goal is to get families to sit down and eat together, talk about the day, sports, whatever gets you back to the olden times when people weren’t nose-deep in Snapchat, Twitter or Clash of Clans.

“Turn all family cell phones to silent and place in this cell phone coop,” the Chick-fil-A instructions say. “Enjoy your Chik-fil-A meal and each other distraction free!”

When you’re finished, Chick-fil-A will reward you with a “small Icedream cone” That’s not a typo, apparently the restaurant calls them Icedream cones. News to me.

Anyway, it’s free, so put your phones away.