Nintendo's adorable Chibi-Robo franchise is coming back to the Nintendo 3DS with an actual game this time. Remember, his first appearance on the handheld only ever amounted to a photo application.

Chibi-Robo!: Zip-Lash! (or, Guru-Guru! Chibi-Robo! as it's known in Japan) tosses aside the series' conventions of 3D worlds full of chores and replaces them with a much simpler 2D gameplay style. The Chibi-Robo must blast his way through intense puzzle platformer levels using his chord as a lasso and a grappling hook. The idea is that he can toss it at different strengths and different lengths depending on what is needed for the puzzle or enemies at hand.

Looks harmless, but I'm going to throw my true feelings out there and say I would much rather see the original GameCube formula really given a chance to shine on the Nintendo 3DS' hardware.

Chibi Robo amiibo

In addition to the game, Nintendo also revealed that the Chibo-Robo would be getting his own amiibo figurine, making Mega Man no longer the sole mechanical representative of the lot. The amiibo will let you upgrade yourself into Super Chibi-Robo! Sounds good to us.

Both Chibi-Robo!: Zip-Lash!  and the amiibo will be appearing this fall. The North American release date will happen in October.