No seriously, this is real. You can’t accuse Konami of not making Contra games anymore, because it has just uploaded a new one to the Star Wars: Force Collection card-based game. Just what the heck do Star Wars and Contra have in common? Well, not much, but that doesn’t really seem to matter here.

This Chewbacca mini-game puts everyone’s favorite wookie in the role of Contra stars Bill Rizer and Lance Bean as he runs, jumps, flips, and blasts away stormtroopers in a single hit with his iconic crossbow. Spoilers: it can turn into the spread cannon, and naturally, this means Game Over for the badguys.

“Chewcontra” or “Contrabacca” even features the faux-3D stages found in the classic NES run n’ gunning game. I can’t tell if this is tongue in cheek humor or a genuine attempt at making a game, but I’d like to try it. The game is available in the Star Wars: Force Collection which is a free-to-play app on both the App Store and Google Play. You just have to beat the card game’s tutorial to play it.

However, I don’t see any controller support just yet, and I can’t imagine something as demanding as Contra being played on a touch screen. My guess is that it doesn’t hold a candle to Super Star Wars, and it is just a whole lot of silly fun. Incremental aiming in angles is what will be its Achilles heel. I hate that in my run n’ gunners.

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