Back in March, GM bought Cruise Automation for its autonomous car technology. It quickly started testing a self-driving version of the Chevy Bolt EV in San Francisco. Now the cars are headed to Scottsdale, Arizona as well.

Arizona is one of three states (along with California and Nevada) to allow autonomous vehicle testing on public roads as long as a human is behind the wheel in case of emergency. Google announced plans to test its self-driving cars in the region earlier this year, citing the state’s “extreme temperatures and dust in the air” as a new challenge for the technology.

GM’s self-driving cars feature a pretty standard self-driving setup attached to the roof. That includes lidar sensors like the ones used by Google, along with a trifocal camera array.

The Chevy Bolt is set to launch in October. We’re not expecting the all-electric vehicle to ship with any self-driving technology beyond a few smart safety features.