The Chevy Bolt will take on Tesla’s Model 3. The automaker on Monday officially unveiled its new all-electric Bolt concept, which Chevy promises will get over 200 miles on a single charge. And it’ll be affordable, kind of, when it goes on sale, with Chevy saying it’ll land in the $30,000 range (probably after all the obligatory rebates and incentives).

Chevy is stating its intentions for the Bolt early, saying the vehicle is about “attainability, not exclusivity.” That’s a clear shot at Tesla. While Elon Musk’s company is a darling of the EV market, its high-end Model S isn’t exactly affordable for the masses. And while Tesla has promised its Model 3 will be cheaper, the Chevy Bolt is trying to undercut Musk’s strategy. That’s pretty ambitious for a company that hasn’t exactly proved itself in the EV market. Sure, Chevy has the Volt, but not even that is an outright success.

The design of the Bolt is kind of BMW i3-ish, featuring a cross-over look that’s tall and not very long. It’s a 5-door hatch, so it has plenty of passenger space and easily accessible trunk space. Chevy says it gave the Bolt no front or rear overhang in an effort to maximize interior space, and is especially designed for four while keeping the cabin feeling “expansive.” The Bolt is made of aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber and woven mesh, which Chevy says keeps the car feeling lightweight.

On the inside, the Bolt features a 10-inch capacitive touchscreen display, along with a dual-cockpit interior layout for easy access to the technology inside. I’m not sure if I’m feeling the frosty look of the inside, though it does add to the futuristic look Chevy is going for.

Right now the Bolt is merely a concept, though it does look close to hitting production, and it should be if Chevy plans to take on the Model 3, which Tesla says will come out in 2017.