Chevrolet is now actively offering the very first unlimited data plan from a major automaker for those who want to have Internet access while in their vehicle. For $20 a month, your Chevy can become a mobile OnStar 4G LTE hotspot thanks to a deal with AT&T.

The car company justifies this latest business venture thanks to an increase in in-car WiFi usage over the last year. It claims that usage has leaped over 200 percent from the previous year with over 4 million GB of data moving through its hotspots.

Chevrolet says that the second half of 2016 saw just as much data used as in the previous 24 months combined.

And I think I know the culprit!

This is where I would say that it was my mother who accounted for a large portion of that data usage thanks to a Pokémon GO addiction and her routes through the town to snag all 146. Yup, she got them all, and she's winning the race on the new ones, too!

You can all thank my Mom later for pushing Chevrolet into making this decision, although… I think my Dad has always been a Ford guy.