Back to basics

We fancy ourselves to be keyboard snobs these days, and Cherry is partially responsible for that. After all, Cherry’s MX key switches are found on a number of mechanical keyboards, which helped revitalize a somewhat stagnant market for planks. So, it was with (short lived) interest when we saw Cherry introduce a new wireless keyboard and mouse combo (JD-0700EU-2) intended for the workplace.

We imagine the company is taking aim at working professionals because it’s a “whisper quiet” keyboard with wear-resistant laser key legends — both good qualities to have in a working environment that sees a lot of keyboard pecking, and in this case, Cherry claims the keys are good for over 10 million actuations. Serious stuff folks, try not to wet yourself with excitement.

That said, it looks like Cherry missed the boat here for something special. How so? It doesn’t appear to use mechanical key switches, as the company is known for. Too bad, because a Cherry brand keyboard without wires and with Cherry MX key switches could have been rad.

But hey, it does come with a consolation prize — a three button ambidextrous mouse with a 1,200 DPI (and also wireless). It’s like taking a free trip back in time! Well, minus the cost of the combo, which Cherry hasn’t yet revealed.

Check out the product page for more seat-of-your pants specs.

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