The great thing about Android is that it never gets boring. You can tailor it exactly to your liking, making it feel completely different from one day to the next. If you get bored easily, it's exactly the software for you. And it's a big reason why Jon recently made the switch from his iPad mini to the Nexus 9.

In the video above, rather than reminding you how great Android 5.0 Lollipop is, Jon shares the apps, widgets and other tweaks he uses on his device.

It might not be the most stylish layout you've ever seen, but it's functional, which is hugely important when running a business. I think that's something we tend to forget in this continuously evolving mobile market; devices can be fast, attractive and sport huge batteries. But if they're not functional and helpful for your every day life, what's the point? That's the kind of approach Jon takes with tablets in general, and especially with one he uses on a daily basis.

The layout of an Android device is always evolving and taking on a new form every day—as new apps come out and fresh updates are released, how it looks today will be completely different from what it looks like in a week. And we're constantly trying out new app experiences, so anything we've mentioned here, let us know if you know of a solid alternative.

Again, most of what Jon relies on helps him improve his productivity; a far cry from Mark's more stylish take on Android. And that's ok! Being able to customize and tweak the look and feel of Android is what makes Google's software so powerful. To see what's on Jon's Android tablet, check out the video above.