GameSpot posted the video you see above to YouTube in order to show off the crazy skills of the player controlling the boarder on one sick run. As they correctly claim in the video's description, "You'll never be this good at SSX."

No. We won't. But that doesn't mean we'll ever give up trying.

The video above demonstrates a bunch of stuff worth getting excited for when it comes to EA Sports' relaunch of the SSX brand. First of all, and maybe this just speaks to my taste in music, the track behind the ride is The Naked and Famous' "Young Blood." The franchise has always been known for its tunes, and this may be a sign that the trend will continue.

Even better for diehard fans, this looks like a more polished version of the SSX we all remember. It's still about big air, ludicrous tricks and absurd combos. While the rider in the clip above probably does things better than a lot of us can ever hope to, it looks like tricking the full length of the mountain will continue in this relaunch.

SSX will release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 28th, 2012. Will you be snagging this boarding title near launch?

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