The Nexus 6 was this close to coming equipped with a fingerprint sensor. How close? Some early prototype models have sensors already built-in, suggesting Motorola was pretty set on including the technology. However, following Apple’s purchase of AuthenTec, Motorola did the sensible thing and scrapped the idea altogether. It was either that or put out an inferior solution, one that would have compromised the user experience.

As the pictures confirm, the sensor would have been right under the Nexus 6’s rear dimple, which more closely matches what’s present in last year’s Moto X; it was actually less of a dimple and more of a cutout, but I digress. The Motorola logo is still present, but hiding inconspicuously under that famous M would have been a fingerprint reader. You would seemingly place your finger on the sensor and your phone would unlock.

While that would have been all well and good, having the fingerprint sensor on the back of a device isn’t quite as convenient as having it on the front. Sure, when you’re holding your phone, your finger naturally gravitates to that spot. But it limits the sensor’s capability in that you can only use one finger, maybe two, and you don’t actually see the sensor, which could cause issues with how you place your finger.

In any case, the Nexus 6 with a fingerprint reader didn’t quite happen, though it appears there are models out there equipped with the capability. There have been rumors suggesting both upcoming Nexus devices will sport some sort of fingerprint solution, so our hopes aren’t dashed just yet. Remember, one of Android M’s key features is native support for fingerprint scanning.

Fingerprint sensors have started to become more popular over the past few years, with Apple, Samsung and now OnePlus getting in on the action.