This amazing video further highlights what an incredible achievement landing Curiosity on Mars truly is. Consider, if you will, that Mars is estimated to be over 60 million miles away from Earth — and Man landed a spacecraft on its surface.

The video actually employs a bit of trickery, so what you're seeing isn't 100 percent authentic. In order to make a fluid moving image, Dominic Muller used an editing technique referred to as interpolation. This allowed him to boost the framerate of NASA's original Curiosity landing footage from four fps to twenty-five fps.

"Interpolation involves rendering missing frames artificially, to give the appearance of smooth transitions between actual frames," io9 explained. "It's still playing in real-time, it just appears much, much smoother."

The end result is absolutely breathtaking, something for the history books — I feel like I just watched some sort of Hollywood magic. But it's real life. The Curiosity rover is currently on Mars, still blasting away at alien boulders as it makes its journey across the Red Planet. We'll definitely keep our eye on more Curiosity coverage as it comes on.

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