A lot of phone OEMs are doing what they can today to make their handsets stand out in one way or another. Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge is one example, with its curved side, while the LG G Flex is another. We also can't forget the near bezel-less Sharp Aquos Crystal. Now a Japanese carrier has a unique phone of its own, which was silently built by LG and designed by Tokujin Yoshioka.

The KDDI Fx0 features a see-through design, which means you can see the guts of the device from all angles. That includes a visible battery, SIM tray slot, speaker and more. It's a unique design, and one we haven't really seen since the old days when you could add a see-through cover to a feature phone, like those third-party Nokia cases. Also unique about the Fx0 is its operating system: while it might look like an Android handset from the outside, it's actually powered by Firefox OS, which has so far only been sold on relatively boring entry-level devices.

According to The Verge, the Fx0 will cost about ¥50,000, or about $420 USD, and features a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, 1.5GB of RAM, a 4.7-inch display, 16GB of storage, a 2,370mAh battery. That's still pretty entry-level, but at least it looks more unique than a lot of the devices we see in that category. The Fx0- launches in Japan on Dec. 25 officially with KDDI and will be more broadly available in the country starting on Jan. 6. Hopefully we can find one to see in person, soon.