The Apple Inc. logo hangs inside the newest Apple Store in New York City's Grand Central Station

Just in time for the holidays, companies have been slashing prices on some of the most popular iOS apps around. Now, Apple is locking in those discounted prices until Dec. 29, giving you plenty of time to pick your favorites.

If you're looking for a new action game check out Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars which is now just $3 on iOS instead of the usual $5 price or grab Infinity Blade III for $1 (down from $7). Apple's ported version of Bioshock is also just $5 (down from $11), and you can check out popular side-scroller Badland at half-price for $1.

If you're more of an RPG fan, it looks like nearly the entire Final Fantasy series has been discounted in the App Store. Square Enix notes that these prices should last through Jan. 5. If you're looking for something more casual, check out Leo's Fortune or Goat Simulator for $1 each.

You'll also find great deals on other apps from Apple. Tweetbot 3 is available for $3 (down from $5), which is perfect for anyone looking to improve their Twitter game. There are a ton of other discounts to check out, ranging from calendar apps to camera apps. Hit the source link below to see the full list, or just boot up the App Store and start shopping.