Traveling the world, whether for business or pleasure, can be an amazing adventure. Unfortunately, these adventures can sometimes be ruined by people who just want to steal your possessions. The best and most affordable way of preventing these thieves from access your luggage is by using the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock. This is the world’s very first Bluetooth Smart Travel Lock.

Winner of the Good Design Australia Award in 2017, the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock was designed with your safety as the priority. All you have to do is download the app on your smartphone and link the lock to your phone. Once connected, the lock can sense your proximity via the app and allow you to unlock just by pushing a button. AirBolt prevents accidental unlocking by re-locking if the rope is not removed. If you lost your luggage, AirBold can even ping your luggage to help you locate its whereabouts.

The AirBolt Smart Travel Lock is a perfect gift for the frequent traveler. Get yours today while they’re still 31% off. That’s the low price of only $54.99!