Jurassic World is a bonafide attraction, with visitors, afternoon shows and even some scheduled tours. But—and it was only a matter of time—all hell breaks loose, allowing Indominus Rex to kill “for sport.”

The new TV spot for Jurassic World is out, and it’s pretty spectacular.

Two things we noticed about this trailer. One: it’s all but confirmed Chris Pratt’s character is a Velociraptor trainer. Like he trains them like you’d train a dog. Ok, weird. Two: Indominus Rex is way scarier than a T. Rex.

The new dinosaur somehow escapes its enclosure, wreaking havoc on the 20,000 or so visitors at the park. So, naturally, Chris Pratt and his Velociraptor hunting pack go on a mission to take the genetically modified dino down.

I wish it showed more, but this one minute look at the movie will have to do.

Jurassic World is set to hit theaters on June 12, 2015.